Creating Chemistry: The Art of Problem Solving

I’ve been making collages for years, always on the lookout for design chances in everyday items and images. A studio cleanup one day turned up a surprise: old postcards, hidden under vintage comics and chemistry slides. This mix got me thinking—how could I blend these different materials into one art series? Collage, being both flexible and forgiving, was the perfect way to try. My Chemistry series ended up being a masterclass in the art of resourcefulness and the power of creative solutions.

Here’s what I learned from my Chemistry series

  • Rethinking Materials: Collage is all about seeing the usual in unusual ways. The combination of vintage postcards, romance comics, and chemistry transparencies pushed me to uncover unexpected stories.
  • Embracing the Unexpected: This series is all about the happy accidents that happen when you mix different things together. It’s finding a perfect match in the mismatched and discovering connections where you least expect them.
  • Innovating Within Constraints: Think of limits not as roadblocks, but as springboards for new ideas. Using just the small space on postcards made me get creative, making sure every piece played its part without stepping on the others’ toes.
  • Experimenting Is Key: I learned how crucial it is to try new things. Stepping out of my comfort zone and not being afraid to mess up kept me going. It’s all about growing, changing, and making the art (and the artist) better bit by bit.

My Chemistry collage series reminded me that making art is all about weaving together resourcefulness, creativity, and problem-solving. It’s about being open to surprises, finding art in the unexpected, and truly enjoying the act of creating.